Do You Know About ShareWaste?

Not everyone has the time or the desire to compost their kitchen scraps, shredded paper products, or yard waste. But that doesn’t mean those items need to end up being part of the 80 billion pounds of compostable waste that finds its way to America’s landfills. You can ShareWaste it!

What’s ShareWaste You Ask?

ShareWaste is a program designed to put producers of compostable scrap waste in the hands, or compost bins, of people who would love to add it to their compost pile. Some participants would even love to have your kitchen scraps for their chickens. It is super easy to sign up regardless of whether you want to donate, or receive waste. There are receivers and producers around the world. Signing up is easy!

Once you have signed up, you connect with other participants in your area that are either interested in receiving or donating scraps. As a receiver, you can pick exactly what you want to receive and how you want to receive it.

Have Questions?

Download a color brochure that comes with a QR code that you can scan to get their mobile app. Visit them on Facebook or Instagram.

Sign Up with ShareWaste by Clicking the Graphic Below

Once you have signed up, you can find receivers in your area if you want to be a donor. If you want to receive, help get the word out to others in your community about what you are willing to receive and give them information to sign up as well. I’ve been a receiving member for nearly four years. It is a great program, you can meet new neighbors, and help keep compostable things out of the landfills. Win-win!


6 thoughts on “Do You Know About ShareWaste?

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    1. It is a really neat thing. Agreed that not everyone wants a compost bucket sitting on their counter. It’s perfect for those who have waste but no place to dump it. Thanks for commenting.


  1. thanks so much for sharing this resource.. Like Paul, I have often thought about composting.. I even researched in-depth and designated a place in our yard for a compost bin that I liked but it never happened.. So this is something that I might actually use and feel good in the process

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