This is Me Today

This is ME today.

I am just not feeling it.

So many things to do and no motivation to do any of them.

High of 22 degrees with a windchill of low teens means it is a “work inside” day. I actually prefer to work outside. Would rather cut the grass than run the vacuum. But when it is this cold and windy, my Vata Dosha gets aggravated. Vata dosha is one of the three constitutions in Ayurvedic medicine but that is not what this post is about. This post is about motivation, or lack there of on days when there is a list of things to accomplish and no desire to do them – for whatever reason.

My mother would say “just do it, get it done” Hmmm. a perfectionist giving advice to a sometimes procrastinator. Doesn’t always work. Especially since not only am I Vata dosha, I am a Gemini – yeah, I know, blaming it on an astrological sign is a cop out. But really, I am usually of two minds about most things. Over the years, I have become more in tune with the way my body actually works or doesn’t on some days. I am learning to pay attention to the signs. The feelings of agitation or unsettledness. Or the awesome feelings of unbridled energy. Sometimes that agitation is due to the actual weather elements that seem to affect me more than others. Warm, sunny days I have energy and motivation for tackling any project. I am unstoppable, I am in my element. I live for those type of days. But when it is cold, rainy, or windy, or even a combination of all three, lack of motivation is a thing that I have to push against. Yes, there are many times when I have to “plow through” and complete tasks – as things must get done. And done they get, but it is so much harder when I am fighting before I even leave the proverbial starting gate.

Beating the Mind Trap

Below are a few of the ways that I beat the “mind trap” and work to regain focus and motivation:

Start with simplest, easiest task and begin to work my way through my list.
Don’t worry about doing everything on my list as some is better than none.
Cut myself some slack and see positive, not negative elements with the tasks that I am able to complete.

Remember that tomorrow is another day to shine!

Not even the Sun shines on all days.

But it is shining today so I will offer a thought of gratitude for a bright sun in a clear blue sky. That thought will be the motivation that gets me moving so that I can begin to tackle my “To Do List” today.

Check it out! I have already accomplished one of my tasks, I have written blog post while we were sitting here. I AM feeling encouraged and motivated!


How about you? What do you do to motivate yourself to tackle your tasks? How do you define success on the days when you have to dig deep to find the motivation to start? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you find the motivation and ultimately the success you seek today. Thank you for stopping by the farm.


6 thoughts on “This is Me Today

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  1. Boy, or shall I say, Girl, I can so relate!
    I was actually at work yesterday and could not muster up the gumption to do anything! I will blame it on another headache, but it’s hard to motivate when you just keep thinking about a snuggly bed and cat at home! I could not muster it up yesterday, but thankfully, those days do pass!

    Take a break. Maybe even a nap. And tackle something so you can feel like you did get something done.

    I will say that on Sabbath, I was extremely torn between another nap and a walk outside. It was another very bad headache day. But with an hour til sunset, my husband and I both decided to walk away (figuratively and literally) from the nap, and we had a wonderful, chilly, walk!

    Better days will come!

    Ridge Haven

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    1. A walk on a chilly day I think could definitely clear one’s mind for sure. I think we all experience days when we are just not “feeling it” but as you said, those days do pass. Thank you for commenting.


  2. Such a relatable post! I doubt there’s anyone among us who hasn’t felt this way at one time or another. I am getting better at staying on a more even keel, but I used to go through hills of productivity and valleys of the un-motivation you describe here – for days and weeks, sometimes, at either end of the spectrum. Those can be difficult times to break out of.

    I love your tip list!!

    Best –


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  3. This has been my life the last couple of years. Ever since the nasty chinavirus started it has brought me down and made me feel like I didn’t want to do anything unless we are on a trip somewhere. That has been the only thing that has motivated me with all this negativity and nastiness out there recently. Of course things need to get done, laundry, dishes, etc, but I have also turned off the news and haven’t watched it for months. I still get enough on FB, Twitter, friends, etc but I don’t need to be drowned in it like I was when we were locked down. There were weeks where I barely had the desire to even eat (which is not me, lol) much less make the meal. 😦 I am doing better now since we can move around more freely, but it’s bad when I am stuck here at home inside because I have to and not because I am working, blogging, etc. Thank you for sharing and your experience. One day at a time right? I like, the list idea. Get what you can done, done. Tomorrow is another day!

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    1. Agreed. Too much negativity on the news / social media. I rarely watch local news with the exception of the weather and I have cut down dramatically my social media time. I also “decluttered” my feed by unfriending and unfollowing those who constantly chose to be negative. I like my feed much better these days. Thank you for commenting.


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