Previously I was writing about my goal to blog more this year. At this point, I have already written more blog posts in 2018 than I did in 2017. So, I guess that is a good way to start working on my goal.

So what exactly is the next step?

I know that I need to be specific so for starters, I want to build a better blog presence because I have struggled for years to do so. 2018 is my year to find a way to be successful. So how will I know if I have been successful? Well, that is easy…

For starters, I need to blog more posts than I did in 2017. Since I think that was a whopping two posts, I think I have already surpassed that number upon the publishing of this post. Yay!!! right?? Yeah, nope. That is not enough, we need to find a way to measure and DEFINE success. So my ultimate goal is to have a blog that I can monetize. So does everyone else, right? Well, I am not concerned with everyone else, just ME. The monetization goal is going to be a long term goal and I am going to leave that one alone for right now. I’ve got to start with the foundation before I try to raise the flag at the top of the castle.measurable goal, SMART goal, goals

So…let’s work on how to make it measurable.

How am I going to define success as it relates to my goal? Well, that is somewhat easy. I just pick a number, but what number? How many posts do I want to do for the entire year of 2018? Would one per month be reasonable? Or would that be too low? What about one per week, or one per day? Reasonably, I probably would not be able to commit to writing a post each and every day for 2018. For starters, we are already half way into January so I have missed many days. 😦 But all is not lost, as I can start from this day forward and figure out what would be reasonable for me to commit to doing. I think I can reasonably commit to doing one post per week. So given that I have already missed the first three weeks of the year, that would be a total minimum of 49 posts. Okay, I think I am up for the challenge. Speaking of challenge, every couple of months there is another Ultimate Blog Challenge. Maybe by the next one, I will have gotten into a rhythm and will be able to go with the flow long enough to actually complete the challenge of writing one post per day.

SMARTgoalAfter I have decided on how to measure success, I need to review whether or not my goal is ultimately achievable, do I have the power to do it, is it realistic, and is it the right time to attempt the goal? The answer is yes, to all three.

So, here is my redefined SMART goal for better blogging for the year 2018.

I want to blog a minimum of one post per week; a total of 52 posts for the year 2018 so that I can build a better blog presence and eventually have enough followers to monetize my blog.

If you want to learn more about SMART goals and how they might be able to help you reach your goals, check out this article from Mindtools. Let me know how you do with reaching your own goals.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

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